Leadership Development

At Alchemy we believe that leadership is a core life skill. Leadership, at its heart, is about the ability to look ahead, structure a plan and follow a path. This is individual leadership and requires the willingness to take personal responsibility for the progress you make in your life. What we imply when using the word leadership, is leading groups of people, however if you struggle to lead yourself well you will struggle to lead others well.

Leadership development is a skill and it is a process. To be a good leader requires certain attributes. A  love of learning, an inherent curiosity of the world and human behaviour, the ability to embrace paradox, the courage to make choices, being able to change your mind when new information emerges and a healthy sense of humour.

Leadership can seem like a solo journey. We seem to connect less with others the more senior we become and the more responsibility we hold. The very time when we need mentors and guides it can feel as if there is no-one else beside us. Integrity and confidentiality are at the heart of this dilemma.  This is why coaching can be a profound space for leadership development. The coaching conversation offers a place of objective support and a process of rigorous debate and questioning which opens up new perspectives and possibilities that were previously unseen. It builds self awareness and genuine confidence in a sustainable way.

At Alchemy we work with individuals and teams, depending on the needs of the business, using a mixture of individual coaching and team work to develop this skill.