About Alchemy

The process of alchemy is defined as a transformation from one state to another that is considered better than the original.

The daily opportunities and apparent obstacles of life confront us all; It is how each of us chooses to respond to our individual circumstances that defines our path and leads us to where we are today. While we all desire to live a life that reflects our dreams, sometimes, or perhaps frequently, we find ourselves living a life that we had not imagined; a life that we may feel ill equipped to handle. We cannot know the future we can only navigate what is present. Alchemy offers tools and insights to assist you in your present journey using personal coaching; leadership facilitation and team coaching to get you back on your path and/or help you consciously define your path.

No one can transform another, thus your journey to transformation is yours alone. What Alchemy offers is a guide who understands what hinders and what enhances your efforts, someone who can show you a new way of looking at your world and help you plan new strategies to get you to where you wish to be.

 Alex Blackie

IMG_2321_2 Background

My main focus and interest is in the field of leadership because it is a key life skill needed by everyone. I draw my inspiration and expertise from my previous careers. My first career was as a pharmacist, which distilled my interest and expertise working closely with and leading people. I was called into leadership early holding positions of Chief Pharmacist in a hospital and Technical Director for a pharmaceutical warehouse. As a hierarchical leader your leadership of people has a direct impact on how the business performs. This work distilled my interest in motivation and the importance of creating clear and helpful structures for individuals and teams to work in and grow through. My post graduate studies took me into the world of change management and exploring the impact of change on individuals, teams and businesses. My Masters degree aided my next move which was a paradigm shift into the world of building brands specifically using my new change management capability in the area of Brand Engagement. This work focuses on employees and how to find ways to inspire and drive brand growth through processes that build understanding, loyalty and social capital, essentially inspiring the hearts and minds of the internal audiences. It was this work that lead me to coaching. Leadership as a hierarchical position can be a very lonely and challenging place and when things are difficult finding a safe place to explore your thinking and feeling is critical. Coaching offers just such a place. It offers that place to individuals if the issues are personal and it offers that place to teams if the work is systemic. The process of coaching opens you to creating internal and external coherence, which builds your reputation in the long term and brings personal satisfaction and joy.